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Maggie Ivancic

Hometown: Morganton, NC

Now living in: Chapel Hill, NC

Family: Martin Ivancic (dad), Dawn Parker (mom), Ali Ivancic (sister), Aaron Hayworth (husband)

Why ministry? Ministry has always been a big part of my entire life. My parents taught my Sunday School classes, I sang in the church choir, and I helped weekly at soup kitchens. I am pursuing a Masters of Social Work degree next Fall and hope to incorporate my faith in the work that I do to assist others.

Person who has had the greatest influence on your life? Definitely, my mom. She has taught me to be strong, faithful, and kind. She has always supported me in whatever endeavors I have chosen.

Favorite book? This is a difficult question... My favorite authors are Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce. However, I have recently read Tina Fey's Bossypants and that is definitely in my top five favorites.

Favorite food? Chicken Enchilada

Favorite movie? One of my favorite movies is Once directed by John Carney. It combines my love for music and realistic endings.

Favorite Website? http://writtenkitten.net/ is one of my favorite websites. It keeps me on task writing my papers while rewarding me with pictures of the cute cats if I'm productive!

City I’ve never been to but want to visit: I would love to visit Zagreb, Croatia because that's where my dad's side of the family is from and I would be interested in learning more about their history.

Hobbies? I love to sing and take care of animals. I'm always looking for new music to learn and I enjoy making crafts.

3 people (living or dead) with whom you’d like to have dinner: Let's see, if I could have dinner with 3 people I would choose Mary Magdalene, Idina Menzel, and Ben Folds.

You’d never guess, but I can . . . train cats to give high fives! (I'm a cat person if you can't tell! But I love dogs too!)