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Why Does This Surprise You?

Why Does This Surprise You?

May 29, 2016

Passage:Acts 3:1-16

Series: How to Assemble a Bike while Riding

Category: Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening

Keywords: how to assemble a bike while riding, morning services, pastor suzanne, sermon series, wellspring


Listen to Pastor Suzanne teach us about the scripture lesson Acts 3: 1-17. Since Pentecost was a few weeks ago, we thought it would be good to hear some more stories from the book of Acts – stories of the earliest followers of Jesus. These stories invite us to remember where we’ve come from ... so we remember who we are … so we catch a glimpse of where we’re headed. It was a movement that had never happened before. With the Spirit’s leading, they had to learn as they went. That’s why we’re calling the series, “How To Assemble A Bike While Riding.”